ART-TECH has been established in 1993 in Switzerland, and acts as an inter-disciplinary research-organization as well as a trans-national consulting company.

Research is devoted to Risk-Management issues as well as to Risk-Perception on a trans-cultural base, thereby combining Oriental Awareness and Occidental Consciousness. For corresponding publications from the founder of ART-TECH, Dr. Edmond JURCZEK, please go to
Dr. Edmond Jurczek is the creator of TSM Total Security Management, being the innovative evolution of TQM Total Quality Management. For corresponding publications consider

ART-TECH Consultants experience consulting of Governments, NGO’s (Non-Governmental Organizations) as well as Industry from South America to Europe & Eastern Europe and Middle-East to Asia/Pacific.

In addition, ATC is producing, marketing and selling a set of unique and exclusive products combing art and technology, including standards and international specifications such as, for example, ergosophic user-manuals. For further information please contact us via email through .